Gran Canaria Cabildo buildings go green

The Cabildo de Gran Canaria and Endesa (the largest electric utility company in Spain) have signed a contract that establishes 100% of the electrical supply of the island’s institutional buildings will come from renewable sources, which is to be certified every year by the Ministry of Industry, after a pioneering tender competition in the Canary Islands that promotes the penetration of renewable energies.

The great news here is that Gran Canaria produces enough clean energy to supply this contract and even other entities which may want to join the example with which the Cabildo aims to stop emitting more than 24,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, equivalent to the emissions of 1,300 households, according to Endesa’s estimate.

For this reason, the green-minded island president, Antonio Morales (NC), and the managing director of Endesa in the Canary Islands, Pablo Casado, did not hide their satisfaction with the entry into force of this contract as of January 1, 2017 and all that it entails in terms of emissions reduction, promotion of renewables and even economic savings, since the island energy invoice will lower by €375,000 per year to which can also be added an estimated €160,000 in savings from efficiency measures, to total more than half a million euros in benefit for the island.

The Cabildo tendered for green sources of 37 megawatt hours, 36 of which were awarded to Endesa for €5.9 million and a one-megawatt hour lot to Iberdrola for €125,000. The contract is for one year, renewable for a further year.

It is a strategic objective of the island institution to promote renewable energies in the framework of the Cabildo’s ecoisla project, for which the Insular Energy Council was created and works on a variety of fronts, such as the installation of wind power plants and Photovoltaics at Infecar as well as Ecoparques in the North and South.

“This is another very important step, the contract favours the penetration of renewables, reduces CO2 emissions, combats climate change, generates awareness and encourages electric companies to invest in clean energies“, said the president in celebration of realising one of his flagship policies.

From  Endesa’s side, the contract coincides with aims to continue reducing CO2 emissions to zero by 2050.

Among the efficiency measures, the company will install in 23 Cabildo buildings will be capacitor batteries, which eliminate so-called reactive energy from the bill, to add €160,000 of annual savings.

The contract affects the supply to departments including Public Works, facilities , the environment, the Institute of Social and Socio-sanitary Care, the Insular Institute of Sports, Infecar, Fedac, Tourism Board, CAAM, Housing Consortium, the Juan Negrín Foundation, the Philharmonic Orchestra and the Cuyás Theater, among others and centres that are included may increase during the term of the contract.