Fiesta El Charco, the mirror image of Gran Canaria,

The fiesta of El Charco in La Aldea is one of the most ancient popular festivals in Gran Canaria, writes the Blog Oficial de Turismo de Gran Canaria.

Tradition is written in capital letters in La Aldea de San Nicolás, here at one of the most extraordinary settings in Gran Canaria… every 11th September at five o’clock in the afternoon, a rocket is set off to break the silence and signals the start of one of the oldest and best-attended attractions of Gran Canaria: the fiesta of El Charco. Charco, meaning pool or lagoon, both a natural symbol and a sign of the region’s true identity.

The fiesta’s origins has its roots in the so called ‘embarbascada’, and age old technique used by the ancient dwellers on Gran Canaria for capturing fish. “A collective fishing tradition which in the 17th century was transformed  into the Patron Saint Fiestas of San Nicolás de Tolentino and was subsequently called the Fiesta of El Charco and the Fiesta of La Embarbascada”, according to staff at La Aldea Tourism Office.

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