Events: Gloria Challenge Mogán – Gran Canaria 22 April

Mogán is hosting it’s second International Triathlon Challenge Mogán-Gran Canaria 2017, on Saturday 22 April, sponsored by the Gloria Thalasso & Spa hotel group.

The race, held in the municipality on the southwest of Gran Canaria, comprises of a half triahtlon swimming 1.9 kilometres, 90 km cycling and 21 km running, as well as a short triathlon with 1.9 km swimming, 45 km cycling and 7 km running and a relay race.

The beautiful Amadores beach will host the Triathlon event, and is the location of the swimming section. The cycling part will start and finish in Amadores and stretches in loops between Anfi and Puerto de Mogán along the spectacular coastal road. The running route, also in loops, runs between Amadores and Puerto Rico .

Double Olympic and two-time ITU Triathlon World Series champion, Alistair Brownlee, has chosen this year’s Gloria Challenge – Mogán Gran Canaria to launch his long-distance triathlon career.

This race forms part of an international triathlon scene within the Challenge Family, with 45 competitions in more than 20 countries and it is the first European qualification race for the championship

You can see the various courses for the race  here

When there is a big sporting event happening it will also mean traffic restrictions. Vehicle traffic on the coastal GC-500 road on Saturday is closed between 06:00-14:00 between the access points to Anfi del Mar and the service station in Mogán.  

Also there will be many triathletes training on the GC-500 in the run up to the event, so please moderate your speed and respect the safe distances between your vehicle and other road users.

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