Events: ‘Fiesta de la Papa’ in Firgas

A festival for the humble potato is to be celebrated in Firgas on the north of the island, on Saturday, 18 March 2017.

Funnily enough just one day after Saint Patricks Day, the patron saint of that other island so famed for its love of the potato; Ireland.  Surely not just a coincidence…?

During the day, visitors will be able to enjoy a gastronomic exhibition, highlighting the culinary qualities of local produce, and of course special attention to the word “papas”, the canarian’s own dialect’s word for potatoes, known in the mainland as Patatas.

Companies, farmers and artisans will be showing the very best of local gastronomy as well as produce and articles from around the region. The fair will also have live music from Parranda de Teror and the famous local band Overbooking 

The ‘Fiesta de papa’ is an all day event, starting at 11:00, with the hub located on Avenida de la Constitucíon and Plaza de San Roque by the town hall and the church.

A Perfect Day to visit Villa de Firgas!

Potatoes was introduced to the Canary Islands from the South American continent, shortly after its Conquest, and have become an essential part of Canary Cuisine ever since. Potatoes, in any of their varieties, are present in practically all the dishes of Islands’ gastronomy, either as an ingredient or as a complement. One of the most tasty and famous dishes of  Canary cuisine is precisely wrinkled potatoes, called “papas arrugadas” (small potatoes boiled in their jackets).

When they arrived here from Peru, they were introduced to the islanders using their original native name, Papa.  By the time they arrived on the mainland, their name had to be changed by the peninsular Spanish authorities who, not wanting to offend the all powerful church, decided that using the same word as referred to the Pope, Papa, would be undignified and so instead invented the word Patata.

Did you know that one of the varietes grown  “quinegua”  name, comes from the English King Edward