Events: Carnival season on Gran Canaria 2017

The springtime Carnival season on Gran Canaria starts in February. There are many celebrations, parties and parades to attend, in every major town and municipal capital. Here is our list of Carnivals happening around Gran Canaria, with all the latest information available. Remember to keep your eye on more detailed programs later on and of course checkout our ‘The Canary Weekend tips’ published online every Thursday.

Every Carnival has its own theme, with young and old joining together for street parties, stage shows and popular elections of Carnival Queens, Drag Queens, Grande Dames, Kiddies Queen, Body Painting and even costumed dog shows where all participants make a huge effort, often gaining sponsorship from major local brands and businesses.  It all starts in the capital city, Las Palmas, and then gradually spreads to every corner of the island.

Many people pay to get on a Parade float during the main parades for an all drinks included experience unlike any other.  Most carnivals finish with a ceremonial “Burial of The Sardine” representing putting an end to the excesses of spring and debauched celebrations for yet another year…

Some of the municipalities have not yet published their programs, posters or even confirmed dates but we will update as soon as this information becomes available. If we’ve missed anything, please let us know at

Hopefully this will get you started planning for one of the main highlights of the year and your almost-two months of Carnival celebrations on Gran Canaria 2017

*** updates on 9 March 2017 ***

10 February – 5 March, Las Palmas Carnival 

Theme : Eterna Primavera – Eternal Spring

Some of the events from the Program

10.2. El Pregón, (“The Proclamation”) the opening festivities at Plaza de Santa Ana from 21:00
11.2. Children’s group contest 19:00, stage in Parque Santa Catalina 
16.2. Adult costume competition 21:00, stage in Parque Santa Catalina
18.2. Daytime Carnival in the historic old town centre, Vegueta from 12:00
19.2. Canine Carnival at 12:00, daytime Carnival in Santa Catalina from 12:00 and the Children’s Queen gala at 19:00, stage in Parque Santa Catalina
24.2. Election of Carnival Queen 21:00, stage in Parque Santa Catalina
25.2. Carnival in the Sun 17:00, Drag Queen pre selection at 21:00
26.2 Cabaldrag 18:00
27.2 Traditional Carnival, Barranco de Guiniguada at 19:00
28.2. Daytime Carnival in Santa Catalina at 12:00 and Children’s parade at 17:00
2.3. Social integration ‘Accessible’ gala at 19:00, stage in Parque Santa Catalina
3.3. Body painting contest at 21:00, stage in Parque Santa Catalina
4.3. The Big Parade starts at 17:00
5.3. Sardine’s funeral at 18:00

17 February – 3 March, Gáldar Carnival

Theme :  dedicated to Africa, the great continent

See the full program for Gáldar Carnival here

Main events on stage, set up in Plaza de Santiago
17.2. Opening speech at 21:00
18.2. Drag Gala, at 21:00
19.2. Children’s Carnival Gala at 12:00
22.2. The ‘Accessible’ Gala Carnival for people with disabilities at 19:00
24.2. Parade starts at 18:00 through the towns streets and ends to Plaza de Santiago
25.2. Daytime Carnival starts at 12:30 for the whole family
3.3.  Burial of the Sardine. Starts from the sport center Juan Vegas Mateos at 18:00 and ends up in Plaza de Santiago

16 February-1 March, Ingenio Carnival

Theme: Venecia / Venice

17.2  II Drag Gala, Plaza de La Candelaria
19.2.  II Animal Carnival  (dogs 13:00-14:00 and cats 12:00-12:30), 11:00-16:00, Plaza de La Candelaria
25.2. Day Carnival, 12:00-20:00, Plaza de la Candelaria
26.2. Children Carnival 11:00-14:00 at Plaza de la Candelaria
1.3. Burial of the Sardine parade with floats, music, groups, murgas. This is followed by the burning the Sardine and firework show. The parade starts at 21:00 from C/ Tanausú and goes around the center of Ingenio ending up the second time to Plaza de la Candelaria, where the party continues to 6am.

In Ingenio, there is also the Carnival of Carrizal, celebrated 9-19 March

Theme : Joy with colour and fire

Full program Carrizal Carnival 
12.3. Pet Carnival – Plaza La Jurada
18.3 Parade
19.3 Children’s Carnival

18 February – 12 March, Agüimes Carnival

Theme : Carnaval de profesiones / Carnival of professions

Highlights below. See the full program here 
18.2. Start of the Agüimes Carnival at 12:00 at Plaza del Rosario with music groups taking on the municipal streets around the plaza. At 21:00 the inauguration parade from the parking lot of the municipal swimming pool. At 21:30 the pregon and opening party continues throughout the night until 05:00 at Plaza del Rosario.
19.2. Children play park at Plaza del Rosario from 11:30-14:30
25.2. Children’s Carnival Fiesta 11:00-14:00 at the open commercial area of Arinaga
28.2. Martes de Carnival Antiguo, Old time Shrove Tuesday starts at 21:00 at Plaza del Rosario with entertainment and tastings of Carnival tortillas, rice with milk, anise, etc.
1.3. Burial of the Sardine starts at 21:00 at the carpark of municipal swimming pool and from 23:00 the party continues at Plaza del Rosario until 05:00
4.3. 4th Street Carnival of Agüimes all day with different activities, including high heel race at 18:30

28 February – 26 March, Arucas Carnival

Theme:  “Peace, Love and Rock and Roll

See the full program here. Highlights for the Arucas Carnival:

28.2 Children’s Carnival procession starting at 11:00, followed by kids spectacle at 12:00 at Plaza de San Juan.
3.3. Masquerade ball at Plaza de San Pedro de Bañaderos at 21:00
11.3. Daytime Carnival starts at 11:00 with Childrens Carnival workshop at Calle Francisco Gouríe, at 13:00 Carnival for tenns with DJ’s at Plaza de la Constitucíon. Street processions at 14:00 in the old part of town, followed by two concerts at 17:00 & 19:00 at Calle Léon y Castillo. in the evening at 21:00 60′ and 70′ Carnival party at Plaza de San Juan
18.3. Carnival parade through streets in the old town starting at 19:00 followed by a Carnival street party at Plaza de San Juan.

28 February , La Aldea Carnival 

Theme : Science Fiction

28.2. Traditional Carnival in La Aldea starting at 18:00
11.3. Children’s Day Carnival and election of the Children’s Queen 11:00-14:00 on Calle Real
17.3. Night of Indians in La Alameda
18.3. Parade starting at 18:00 at 22:00
25.3 Burial of the Besugo at 18:00, Almacén de Los picos

24 February – 11 March, Firgas Carnival 

Theme : “Mundo Mágico de Disney” / The Magical world of Disney

24.2.  School Parade, Traditional Carnival, through the streets of Firgas.
25.2. Carnival dance for town elders at 21:00 Casa de los Mayores
10.3.  Drag Gala and different performances, in the municipal parking lot starting at 21:00
11.3.  Children’s workshops (inflatable castle, face painting, etc.) in the municipal parking lot starting at 11:00. Later in the day; Murgas meeting at 21:00 in the municipal parking lot, followed by a night party starting at 23:00

3-12 March, Maspalomas Carnival

Theme : Euro Carnival

3.3 Opening gala at CC Yumbo at 21:00
4.3. Election of the Carnival Queen at CC Yumbo at 21:00
5.3. Children Carnival at 17:00 and election of Children Queen at 19:00 at CC Yumbo
6.3. “Borderless” gala at 19:00 in CC Yumbo
7.3. Free dance workshop at 19:00, at 21:00 “in full swing” show and at 22:30 Drag Queen Preselection in CC Yumbo
8.3. Performances from local bands at 20:00 and at 21:00 the election of the Senior Carnival Queen at CC Yumbo
9.3. Election of the Drag Queen at 21:00 at CC Yumbo
10.3. Tourist Day at the Maspalomas beach- Playa del Inglés starting at 12:00 the Rescue of the Sardine
at 21:00 show at CC Yumbo
11.3. Carnival parade starts at 17:00
12.3. Carnival on the beach At Shopping Centre Anexo II in Playa del Inglés at 14:00. Reading the Sardines last will at 20:30 and Burial of the Sardine and fireworks at 20:30

10-18 March, Carnival Teror 

Theme “The Circus”

10.3. Carnival Gala at the Teror auditorium
18.3. is the big day for Teror with a full program of Carnival activities happening , including , Carnival tapas route, from 12:00 to 00:00, with free bus, live music throughout the Helmet of Teror. Pincho or tapas + drink €2,50. Also a Carnival family day in Plaza de Sintes and street procession for the Burial of the Sardine from Parque del Puente del Pino to Plaza de Sintes, starting at 12:00. Perfect day to visit Teror.

See the full program here

14-19 March, Carnival Costa Mogán
( in Arguineguín )

Theme : El circo / The Circus

To get the Mogán Carnival started, during 12 and 13 of March rhythmic street prosession will pass by the Amadores and Puerto Rico beaches and in the Puerto Rico shopping center.

14.3. Carnival program starts with a new initiative, an opening street procession touring the streets of Arguineguín, inviting people to join the route of the batucadas and comparsa ( dancers and drum bands ) that will end in Plaza Negra ( the market place) where most of the events happens during Carnival.
17.3.  Another new features on Friday, the Carnival circus wigs party with Djs , jugglers and fire eaters at Plaza Negra
18.3. Parade
19.3. Children’s costume party during the afternoon of Sunday followed by the burial of the sardine

16-25 March, Santa Lucía Carnival 

Theme : Piratas ‘Con parche, garfio y a lo loco’ / Pirates with patch, hook and crazy

Here are few of the events. You can see the full program here
16.3. Pregón / opening ceremony
18.3. Carnival race
19.3. Parade from Doctoral to the pedestrian area of Avenida de Canarias starting at 11:30 followed by a daytime children Carnival
20-23.3 Children and different neighbourhood Carnival events
23.3. Childrens fiesta at Plaza de Los Algodones starting at 17:00
25.3. Burial of the Sardine

17 March- 1 April, Telde Carnival

Theme : Cuba

Events in :  El parque urbano de San Juan

17.3 opening festivities at 20:00
18.3. Pet Carnival at 19:00, and afterwards Murgas and DJ
19.3. Day time Carnival at 12:00
24.3. event
25.3. high heel race at 19:00 and long night party at 21:00 in Plaza de San Gregorio
26.3. Childrens Carnival party at 11:30
1.4. the parade (19.00), departing from Ramblas de Pedro Lezcano to Parque de San, where will proceed to the burning of the Sardine (22.00).

17-25 March, Agaete

Theme: Cartoons

17.3.  Adult Costume Gala at Plaza de la Constitución starting at 20:30
18.3.  Day Carnival at Plaza de la Constitución starting at 14:00
19.3.  Childrens Carnival at Plaza de la Constitución at 12:00
24.3. Dual of the sardine in Centro Cultural de la Villa
25.3. Parade-burial of the Sardine starting at 18:30 in the streets of Agaete


25-26 March, Valleseco 

Theme: Disney




We will up date this list with more information as we get it.

If you know something we don’t about the events happening this year, drop us a line to and we’ll let everyone else know too…


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