Events: 2nd summer Mango and Avocado Fair in Mogán

The second edition of the Summer Mango and Avocado Fair in Mogán is happening on Sunday, September 3 in Plaza de las Gañanias in Playa de Mogán. The focus is on an agricultural fair format, where attendees can visit the stalls and experience first-hand the quality and importance of mango and avocado summer crops in the municipality of Mogán. It will be local farmers themselves who display their produce, presenting not only their mangos and summer avocados, but also other produce grown in the southern municipality.

The fair is to have several areas, with around twenty farmers and producers of the municipality, and visitors will be able to choose the top quality fruit to take home.

The first edition of this event, held in September 2016, was, according to town hall figures, attended by some 3,000 people with about 4,000 kilos of mangos and about 1,000 kilos of summer avocados having been sold.

As an event prior to the Fair, Mogán town hall organizes the Night of Wines and Tapas on Saturday 2 September. In this event several restaurants and bars of Playa de Mogán participate in support to the Mango and Avocado Fair. They will offer tastings based on these products and also make known the local gastronomy. In addition, the Wine Night will feature wineries from across the island of Gran Canaria. 

Summer avocado, a unique product virtually unknown outside the scope of Mogán. However, in the southern municipality its importance is symbolic, since this fruit was the precursor of the current avocado cultivation that abounds in the municipality. The summer avocado trees are unique examples of varieties descended of those trees that led directly the cultivation of this fruit in the municipality from at least the XVII century, which makes these fruit even more special.

Summer avocado is a product that, because of its fragility, high price and being difficult to find in conventional markets, due to its small local production, is not known by the majority of the population. With this Fair, Mogán offers the opportunity of acquiring and tasting this unique produce prized for its excellent flavor with nuances of walnut or almond. Visitors will be able to acquire 5 or 6 characteristic varieties that are grown in Mogán, including Verruga cultivars, being the most representative, with its characteristic flavor.

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