Attracting blue & green economy investors

The ‘Best in Gran Canaria’ brand group have earmarked €600,000 to attract investors at fairs and meetings with technology companies, involved in renewable energy, maritime and research projects, as well as to attract companies that may want to relocate from the UK due to Brexit, the president of the Cabildo of Gran Canaria, Antonio Morales, said this week.

The Cabildo’s Economic Promotion Society are contributing €500,000 and another €100,000 is being contributed by the Canarian Executive in order to develop a calendar of actions, thirty abroad and twenty on the island, through which they want to make contact with 200 companies engaged in technology, 150 from the maritime industry, European entrepreneurs and other Spanish municipalities, in marine biotechnology and twenty encounters with `VIPs’ in tourism and leisure. This calendar includes events in France, Norway and Germany, as well as in the UK.

This brand, aimed at promoting Gran Canaria from a business and sustainability perspective, will also have a web page that highlights four aspects of their focus: incentives, great connectivity with the outside, services offered from schools to hospitals, and the enormous quality of life offered here on the island. To do this, fifteen companies established on the island will create videos about their experiences, why they arrived here and, above all, why they stayed, as though taxation may attract them, the landscapes, the climate and people are what convinces them to remain.

In addition, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is now one of the places in the world with greatest potential as a mixed destination, that is to say, for both business and enjoyment.

The audiovisual sector is one of Gran Canaria’s biggest investments and will be present at 20 international fairs specialising in cinema, television, advertising, animation, special effects and video games to attract investors and film shoots to the island, in addition, two events and a campaign devoted specifically to ‘digital nomads’ are planned in collaboration with the capital city, Las Palmas.

Another challenge is to expand the ‘Talento Gran Canaria’ network, created to maintain connections with more than 800 professionals from Gran Canaria who work in various cities around the world and who will be invited to participate in the second annual meeting on the island. In an effort to register more “talentos”, in addition to the quarterly digital magazine at, they will organise meetings of these ‘talents’ using social networks.

The website will be in three languages, offering digital positioning strategies, location documents, and the project will hire three people to support the activity of the agenda of actions and promotion.