Construction begins on the Marañuelas waterfront promenade to Anfi

Construction has begun on the Marañuelas waterfront promenade to Anfi more than 20 years after the project was first put forward.

The Mayor of Mogán, Onalia Bueno, and the Canary Islands Government’s Minister for Tourism, Isaac Castellano, signed off on the works for first phase of the beach promenade between Las Marañuelas to Anf del Mar on the 9th of August.

On Wednesday August 16, La Lajilla beach, located in the Costa Alegre area, Arguineguín, closed for the beginning of the rehabilitation works.

The project to renovate the seafront walk links the two locations with a 2.5 kilometre shore front path that will border the Costa Mogán with a 6 meter wide walkway. The initiative is to be “phased for optimum budgetary and technical feasibility”, as agreed between the representatives of the City of Mogán, the Regional Government of the Canary Islands and the Government of Spain.

The walkway is being financed with a total budget of €800,000, of which €500,000 has been disbursed by the Government of Spain and €300,000 euros from the Government of the Canary Islands.

The channelling of the ravine of Costa Alegre, at its mouth at the beach of La Lajilla, will be the first step aiming to prevent flow from surface runoff from reaching the beach, as can happen when heavy rains fall, to try to avoid damage.

The rehabilitation and conditioning of the beach will include a solarium area and incorporate a kiosk. In addition, ancillary facilities like public lighting, water supply, irrigation, sanitation, telecommunications and barriers to protect against high tides.

The second phase of the project, (projected for 2018) will run from Costa Alegre to La Carrera beach – by the Sunwing Hotel – with an estimated investment of €1.8 million for its development. Extra reinforcement of the breakwater aims to ensure that the walkway does not suffer deterioration due to occasional inclement weather and tides.

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