Child injured by glass door in Puerto Rico


A seven-year-old boy suffered serious injuries in Puerto Rico over the weekend as a result of several cuts to different parts of his body, including the throat and left leg, after he managed to walk through a glass door at a bungalow where he was playing.  The incident happened just after four in the afternoon at a bungalow on Avenida de Fuerteventura in the southern tourist town of Puerto Rico.

After a call to the Cecoes-112 Emergency and Security Coordinating Centre deployed an SUC (Canary Islands Emergency Service) ambulance to the scene. After an initial evaluation of the injuries by a doctor, an SUC helicopter was requested to transfer the boy to hospital.

Consorcio Firefighters, from Puerto Rico, received instructions to go to the main roundabout at nearby Amadores, also in Mogán, in front of the beach, to prepare it as a place for the aircraft to land and takeoff, taking preventive safety measures.

Local Police also went to Amadores and regulated traffic in this area at the main ​​entry and exit to the beach. Red Cross members also collaborated in this service.

The SUC ambulance took the child to the roundabout while preparing him for transfer in the helicopter. According to sources close to the case, the minor presented, at first assessment, a cut to the throat area, a few centimeters from the jugular vein. He also had cuts to the left knee and both the tibia and fibula of the same left leg.

The SUC helicopter moved the injured child to the Insular Hospital of Gran Canaria helicopter landing pad, and from there he was taken to an operating room. The boys relatives travelled directly in their private vehicles to the hospital in the capital, Las Palmas.

Source: La Provincia

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