Newsbrief: Man arrested while burying more than 1kg of cocaine

Guardia Civil arrested a 39-year-old man last week who they surprised while he was burying a large packet containing a kilo of cocaine in a Gran Canaria barranco ravine. The arrest was carried out as part of an operation deployed by the Guardia Civil’s Anti-Organized Crime and Anti-Drugs Team

Newsbrief : Tough flu season in the Canaries, as recorded flu deaths double

The winter flu season 2016-2017 has seen 140 hospitalised cases of confirmed influenza, of which 95,7% were virus A and the rest, virus B. Twenty-four deaths have also been reported, all due to virus A, with the exception of one case of virus B. Last flu season ended with 190 hospitalisations

Newsbrief: ‘Poema del Mar aquarium’ announce opening at the end of the year 2017

The Cabildo de Gran Canaria and the Loro Parque Group this week presented the newly constructed Poema del Mar Aquarium at the ITB, which is the world’s largest tourism trade fair held in Berlin. They also announced that opening will be at the end of the year

Newsbrief: Registered unemployment falls in the Canary Islands in February

Registered unemployment numbers dropped in the Canary Islands by 1,874 people over the last month, February, which means 0.81% than the previous month, according to official figures, to stand at 229,900 registered unemployed (on the Paro) across all the islands, according to the Ministry of Employment

Newsbrief: The SBT Town Council have improved visibility and safety in 22 pedestrian crossings

The Town Council of San Bartolomé de Tirajana has improved lighting in 22 zebra crossings in the municipality. The new public street lights were installed to increase and improve the visibility and security at pedestrian crossings

Newsbrief: End of high EU roaming charges in sight, to begin June 2017

A European Union political agreement between the representatives of the European Parliament, the European Council and the European Commission has been announced as a final achievement that looks set to finally make proposals for the so-called “roam-like-at-home” project start working as of 15 June 2017

Newsbrief: Carrefour to stop selling Panga fish throughout Spain

The French distribution chain Carrefour, who have several supermarkets on the island in both Las Palmas and Vecindario, have announced that they will stop selling both fresh and frozen Panga fish (a type of white catfish) in their hypermarkets and supermarkets throughout Spain, in line with a decision taken earlier by the group in other European countries

Newsbrief: drug smuggling ring detected in the capital Las Palmas, six arrested

Policia Nacional last week detained six members of an organization, of African origin, in the island’s capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, accused of introducing heroin and cocaine to the islands using a human “mule” system

Newsbrief: Detained for allegedly impersonating a police officer in Mogán

Guardia Civil from their Main Post in Puerto Rico -Mogán on the night of  February 1 detained a 28 year old with the initials M.M.C, and with numerous previous police records, as having allegedly committed theft and accused of “usurpation of public functions”. Investigations began on January 26, when the victim

Newsbrief: Mogán looks to guarantee ability to grant future investment, through expansion and improvement of water treatment plants

The expansion of the water treatment plant would enable the Mogán city council to grant more hotel, urban and residentials licenses in the future

Newsbrief: Suspected tourist credit card fraudsters arrested in Mogán

The Guardia Civil Main Post in Puerto Rico de Mogán detained two people, with initials S.D. And A.K., accused of fraud. Both are foreign residents of Asian origin and employees of an electronics shop located in the municipality of Mogán. An investigation began as a result of a complaint to Guardia Civil

Newsbrief : Detected energy fraud almost doubled in the archipelago last year

Endesa, the electrical utility company, detected more than 62 million kilowatt hours (kWh) being defrauded in the Canary Islands last year. A result of more than 5,000 fraud cases that surfaced following inspections carried out. It is the energy equivalent to what the inhabitants of La Gomera consume

Newsbrief : 1-1-2 Canarias coordinated a total of 496,318 incidents in 2016, an increase of 1.2%

1-1-2 Canarias coordinated a total of 496,318 incidents during 2016, an increase of 1.2% compared to 2015, that’s 6,158 more cases dealt with. 54% of the calls received were from the eastern islands – Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura

Newsbrief: tourists couple detained after assaulting each other in the south of Gran Canaria

San Bartolomé de Tirajana police detained a man and a woman of 34 and 35 years of age, both British nationality and without previous police records, suspected of an offense of assault. The intervention began after police received a 091 call from a hotel in the south of Gran Canaria

Newsbrief: Gran Canaria registers more than 31.2 million overnight tourist stays

In 2016, Gran Canaria surpassed 31.2 million overnight stays by tourists, according to the latest data from the Canary Islands Institute of Statistics, ISTAC, which highlight an increase of more than 10.5% over 2015, when just 28 million nights were registered in officially regulated establishments on the island.

Newsbrief: Guardia Civil detained a Moroccan in Las Palmas for glorifying terrorism

An operation in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on 17 January, has resulted in the arrest of a 30-year-old Moroccan citizen, initials A.Z, as the alleged perpetrator of an offense under anti-terrorism legislation. It was the result of collaboration

Newsbrief: Fire completely destroys kitchen at popular Playa del Inglés restaurant

A fire,  in a business under an apartment building on Avda. Tirajana in Playa del Inglés, was reported around 5am in the early hours of last Monday, which completely destroyed the kitchen of the popular ‘El Asador’ restaurant

Newsbrief: Traffic accidents caused 38 deaths in The Canary Islands last year

Traffic accidents claimed the lives of 38 people in the Canary Islands during 2016. The number is one less than the previous year, according to information provided by the Directorate General of Traffic. In Spain as a whole, 1,160 people lost their lives on the roads in 2016, which means 29 deaths more than in 2015

Newsbrief: Tourism increases its value for the Canarian economy

Tourist activity in the Canary Islands totalled almost €13,5 billion last year, raising the relative contribution of this sector in the Canary Islands economy to 31.9%, significantly boosting other productive sectors and is responsible for 37,6% of total employment on the islands, according to latest report from Impactur Canarias.

Newsbrief: Ten fixed public holidays or Sundays on which shops are allowed to open in 2017

The Minister of Economy, Industry, Commerce and Knowledge, Pedro Ortega, has signed the order to confirm the ten Sundays and holidays allowing commercial establishments on each island to open throughout 2017.

Newsbrief: Emergency landing in Porto from Las Palmas to East Midlands flight

A Thomas Cook airplane that departed from Gran Canaria airport had to make an emergency landing to Porto airport in Portugal last week because of ‘technical problems’ The plane, an Airbus A321-200, was traveling on Thursday 22 December, from Las Palmas, Gran Canaria to East Midlands, UK with 199 people

Newsbrief: Irishman with outstanding warrants arrested in Maspalomas area

A man of Irish nationality has been arrested in the tourist town of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, on the south of Gran Canaria, when he was found during a police security check to have three outstanding warrants, issued from separate courts on the island, according to the National Police.

Newsbrief: 11 arrested, 49 kg of cocaine and 20 kg of hashish seized, in the Canary Islands.

Eleven people have been arrested as part of ‘Operation Scipio’, report Policia Nacional, who say they have dismantled an organization dedicated to drug trafficking in the Canary Islands.

Newsbrief: Avenida de Tirajana partially closes Monday

One of the main streets in the San Fernando area of Maspalomas,  Avenida de Tirajana, will be partially closed on Monday 19 December for renovation and improvement works to the street lighting. The closure of Avenida de Tirajana will be at the section that travels in the North-South direction, from the Plaza de Las Lavanderas roundabout

Newsbrief: A small boat with 22 people, including 12 possible minor taken to Arguineguín

A small boat with 22 immigrants onboard was rescued and transferred last night to Arguineguín harbour. Of the passenger, 12 are possible minors. The patera was initially located by a Guardia Civil patrol boat, who then alerted the coastguard

Mogán’s energy efficient street lights

Mogán replaced 247 conventional lights with led lamps, at the end of November

Mogán’s energy efficient street lights

Newsbrief: Counterfeit sportwear sold in South

Policia Nacional detained 9 people in San Bartolomé de Tirajana earlier this month, most of them with a previous criminal record for similar offenses, as the alleged perpetrators of a crime against intellectual property by selling counterfeit sportswear valued at over €70,000. A complaint had been filed

Newsbrief: Sales of private housing to foreign buyers increased 20.6% in the first half of this year

The purchase of private housing by foreigners in the Canary Islands totaled 5,006 transactions in the first half of 2016, an increase of 20.6% over the same period last year and places the archipelago as the autonomous region with highest

Newsbrief: Foreign tourist spending rose by 12.1% in September

Foreign tourist spending in the Canary Islands rose 12.1% in September over the same month of 2015, reaching €1.124 billion, according to data released by the National Statistics Institute (INE). The average expenditure per person per day remained the same, at €130, and the total expenditure per tourist was €1,130

Newsbrief: detained after throwing a chair at a €4000 TV in Meloneras.

Policia Nacional last week detained a 30 year old, British National with initial D.L, in the southern municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, on suspicion of wilful damage. The man allegedly threw a chair against a television set at one of the terraces of a shopping centre