Canary Islands Day celebrations in the capital Las Palmas

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s Old Quarter  Canary Islands’ Day celebrations begin on Monday evening before the main day Tuesday 30th of May, with several of the most iconic music island groups in the heart of the original capital forming part of a program organised by the local island government the Cabildo de Gran Canaria along with Las Palmas town hall.

feliz Canarian day‘Día de Canarias‘  The autonomous region celebrates Day of The Canary Islands on 30 May to commemorate the day back in 1983, when the first session of the Regional Parliament of The Canary Islands took place, the legislative body which established autonomy in the archipelago.

It’s a celebration that reflects Canarian identity with events in traditional costumes, dancing, folk music, traditional sports and games exhibitions like ‘salto de pastor’ (the shepherds leap) and Canarian wrestling, local cuisine and many representations of traditional life on the islands. It reflects the past culture and preserves it as well as creating new ways of expressing life and living in the Canaries.

There will be events happening across the islands.

On Monday Agaete’s music band will travel through the streets with classic papahüevos (giant Papiermâché dolls) in a procession leaving from Parque San Telmo at 18:00 and going via the main shopping street Triana to Plaza de Santa Ana. In the plaza there will be exhibitors of Canarian crafts and children’s entertainment, and no shortage of local produce on offer like wines, cheeses and more traditional gastronomy to taste and enjoy; from 20.00, the performances will begin with ‘Non Trubada’ followed by ‘Los Gofiones’ at 21:15 and ‘El Vega’ at 22:30.
At midnight a burst of fireworks from the roof of the old Town Hall. 

Also on Monday, there is a rock concert happening for those who are looking different music at Plaza del Pilar from 21:00 with music groups including Peter’s Garage, Dr. Extraño and Judgement Day

Guides from the Casa del Turismo located in Santa Catalina Park will wear typical Canarian clothing and offer information to tourists, along with local  aloe vera as a souvenir of their visit to the city, on both Monday and Tuesday.

Tuesday 30th May, The Canarian Day 

Between 11:00 and 16:00 hours, performance from various parrandas to enjoy. All this together with traditional games, workshops and craft stalls.

The traditional romero (pilgrim) walk between 12:00-16:00 in the parque Santa Catalina area. This rosemary walk will depart from Santa Catalina Park and cross several streets along the Port to finish at the Church of La Luz. Policia local have organised a special operation to help guarantee the smooth running of the route, which will involve 10 carts and 23 groups, and this year, in addition, a score of classic cars.

Route: Santa Catalina Park, streets of Luis Morote, Sagasta, Tenerife and Agustín Millares to Plaza de la Luz

At the end of the traditional paseo romero there will be music and Papagüevos at Plaza de la Luz at 14:30, and a street procession to La Puntilla on Las Canteras beach. 

Local gastronomy has a special place in the festivities around the historic town centre with many restaurants offering typical dishes and Canarian culinary experiences.

Celebra en familia el Día de Canarias. Disfruta de la Banda de Agaete, juegos infantiles, las actuaciones de Non Trubada, Los Gofiones y El Vega, productos de la tierra, vinos, quesos, artesanía y fuegos artificiales. El lunes 29 de mayo a las 18.00 horas en la Plaza de Santa Ana.El Cabildo de Gran Canaria recupera tras más de una década la celebración del Día de Canarias con un programa organizado junto al Ayuntamiento de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. -Noticia completa en:

Geplaatst door Cabildo de Gran Canaria op donderdag 25 mei 2017

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