Californian King snake caught in Ayagaures

The presence of the Californian King snake (Lampropeltis getula californiae) continues to spread  through the island of Gran Canaria, despite control and seizures which have been carried out since 2008. On Tuesday, Environment department staff removed a specimen located close to the Ayagaures dam, after being alerted by a resident.

Though the now wild California King population has been breeding out of control for at least a decade now, most spottings have been on the north of the island, ever more however are showing up further south.  It is feared that with no natural predators themselves and plenty of prey, unused to being prey, that the snake population will continue to flourish, perhaps endangering many other endemic native species.

At this point we should mention they are not dangerous to animals bigger than a rat or a lizard, and prefer to avoid human contact.

Gesplan staff, a public entity that has been assigned the role of snake catchers as part of the  Life+ Lampropeltis program, aimed at reducing the density and abundance of this invasive snake population on Gran Canaria,  on Tuesday their 60th of species so far in 2017.

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A snake in Paradise: Alien Invasion

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