Cabildo condemns Government delegate

Morales Palestinian FlagThe Cabildo de Gran Canaria has launched a scathing attack on the Spanish Government’s delegate to The Canary Islands, Enrique Hernández Bento after yesterday having to suspend the planned hoisting of the flag of Palestine in solidarity with the plight of the middle eastern state after the Central Government Delegation took legal measures to prevent the action, requesting that the Courts rule the plan to be contentious – warning the administration that legislation prohibits the display of logos that do not correspond to the institution itself.

The Gran Canaria government, along with the Palestinian community in the Canary Islands, have said that they were “outraged” by the decision of the government delegate and announced that they will appeal to the courts in order to celebrate this act of solidarity as soon as possible.

The president of the Cabildo, Antonio Morales, has declared that Hernandez Bento is “trying to remove” him from political life with actions such as this, accusing of deliberately not speaking truthfully and suggesting that the Government of Spain appears to be working for the Zionist cause, attacking the right to freedom of expression, reports Spanish daily La Provincia.

The Cabildo unanimously approved a manifesto last Friday in support for the Palestinian people, and expressed frustration a Hernandez Bento’s actions in preventing the planned event at the last minute.

The Cabildo de Gran Canaria furthermore accused the delegate of undertaking a crusade against acts of solidarity organized by the insular institution, saying in a press release that The Government Delegation in the Canary Islands “is deploying a crusade against charitable causes ” such as feminism, anti gender violence and protesting violence against people of the Sahara or in this case, Palestinians. Cabildo de Gran Canaria Minister of International Solidarity, Carmelo Ramirez, noted that the delegate “lies”, when he says that the insular institution seeks “a point of conflict.”

Ramirez stressed that raising a flag “is a recognition and an act of solidarity” and when the Government delegate denounces planned events of this type and presents an appeal to the courts to obtain their cancellation, equating it to the hoisting of the flag of the seven stars (a symbol of anti-colonial Canarian independence), “he is acting as lackey for the central powers and trying to intimidate Canarian institutions through threats.”

“This man is incompetent,” Ramirez wen on to say “from the political point of view…” adding that “his attitude of contempt and insensitivity for these acts of the Cabildo can not have a response other than to complain of intolerance and insensitivity toward the causes of groups and people who suffer very difficult conditions.”

Gran Canaria’s Minister for International Solidarity said that the Cabildo will continue to organize acts of solidarity and support groups and people who need the recognition of all society, while regretting that “there are characters like this government delegate whose only obsession is to prevent [such actions being] carried out”.
Source: The council suspended the hoisting of the flag of Palestine – The Province – Diario de Las Palmas