British tabloid fakes turn up the fear (& BS)

The Spanish Home Office have vigorously denied rumours this evening of the government being particularly watchful or currently concerned with any specific terrorism threat of an attack anywhere in the country whatsoever.  The Home Secretary, Juan Ignacio Zoido, said in statements to journalists earlier that there was no specific threat against any particular location in Spain, although there was a generalised concern for threats “against the whole of the West”.

Several British so-called “news” sites today, including the ultra right wing Breitbart UK, which quoted the dutch Telegraaf, themselves quoting from the UK´s scare mongering Daily Mail, who in turn had quoted the tin-pot sensationalists at the Express, “reported” erroneously that Islamic State terrorists were preparing a “large scale” “massacre” of Brits, Germans and other Europeans at “tourist hotspots” that were supposedly on a terror target “hit list” for Spain and its popular beach resorts.

…What Utter Bollocks. -Ed

The British “news” stories referenced the latest Spanish government National Security Report, presented to Congress on Tuesday morning by Jorge Moragas, the Prime Minister’s chief of staff.

One glaring oversight, according to the real journalists over at primary English language news portal The Spain Report, was that the 174-page national security briefing, made public on Tuesday, does not in fact contain any specific references to an imminent, direct or large-scale massacre about to take place in either Benidorm or on the Costa del Sol.

Nada. Zip. Zero. Not one.

There are zero references to “direct threats” plural, of any kind anywhere in the report, as has been peddled by these fake-news-rags. Likewise, there are no references at all to any expected threat that might encompass the terms “large scale”, “massacre” or “slaughter”.  These are simply inaccurate words, or should we say “alternative facts” used by well funded, short sighted liars, calling themselves reporters.

A “direct threat“, singular, is mentioned in the report but only in the context of the situation in Eastern Europe and the missile defence shield on that part of the continent, which “Russia perceives as a direct threat“.

That´s right folks the only “direct threat” mentioned is one that Russia is afraid might affect them in Eastern Europe. Not in Spain. – Ed 

The word “British” is used, just once, but only when the report mentions the impending and controversial Brexit, as in “the result of the British referendum“. One reference to the word “scale” can also be found, not as in “large scale” but rather in reference to the earthquake that occurred in the Spanish North African city of Melilla in January 2016, to be precise, saying: “that reached level 6.3 on the Richter scale”.

The word “Beach” appears only twice, both in the same paragraph but referring to the fight against drugs, not terror, because drug traffickers have apparently been throwing bundles of narcotics over the side of large vessels offshore, which have then been picked up…guess where…from the beach.

There are five mentions of “tourist” or “tourism“, three simply in there because this is the title of a primary government department, the Ministry for Industry, Energy & Tourism; once in a paragraph talking about rail accidents and strikes; and once more in a paragraph that is in fact about the perceived terror threat, but only in the most generic sense to explain that Spain has been at terror threat level four (out of five) since June 2015 and has therefore reinforced its security at key points of transport infrastructure and “places … where there are large crowds and tourist areas, and at critical infrastructure“. 

There are seven references to “German” or “Germans“, but only two refer to terror attacks, neither of them in Spain or about Spain.

The report does say, in the executive summary, that Spain “has been threatened directly by DAESH” [the so-called Islamic State] “on social media networks as a target for its activities“.  This in itself is in no way surprising, given that Spain forms part of the global coalition fighting DAESH and because the various terror groups have attempted, in propaganda videos, to assert their claim over “Al Andalus”—the name for old Moorish Spain—as part of their supposed territory.

Not even one specific target or suggested timescale is mentioned in the report, saying only that over the “past few months” there has been a “significant increase” in terrorist communications “that contain generic threats towards Spain, or its interests abroad, mentioning the West or Europe as a target of their terrorist actions, or specifically highlighting Al Andalus or certain Spanish cities“. These statements are precisely as far as this top level report goes, and that is with the very best information available.

Somehow this bunch of clenched-fisted bile merchants in the UK and Dutch media have taken it upon themselves to disrupt tourism, and add an utterly fake layer of terrorising sensationalism, to try and sell themselves as the most informed of all the cock-monkeys who want you to panic-buy more of their utter cack – Ed 

The report also notes that this year some statements have been published in Spanish, which it says “implies an increase in risk due to their influence on radicals installed in our country”. DAESH are also thought to have “launched a campaign to hire Spanish translators” last summer.

The latest official Spanish Home Office press releases on Tuesday, detailing the arrest of a Moroccan man in the Canary Islands for Islamist radicalisation activities, ended by simply saying that “188 jihadi terrorists” had been arrested since June 2015.

Spain´s security forces do believe there is a “considerable likelihood” of DAESH trying to carry out attacks somewhere on European soil “as a show of strength” in reaction to continued attacks on their bases and the areas they control in Syria and Iraq. 

Editor´s Comment: Thanks to Matthew Bennett at The Spain Report.

The villainous, unstudied, pot banging coming from the ultra-right-wing meddlers-in-media, wishing to scare tourists and baselessly heighten fears among their readership is not only shameful, and unwarranted, but directly endangers the psychological well-being of those who trust them to research and evidence the words they use.

These cross-eyed, twisty-tounged, wall-licking, lie-processing, mongers of hatred only serve to damage economies, breed division and should not IMHO have any place in the world of credible journalism.

That they are so well funded by monstrous organisations and staffed with deeply fascist individuals, who garner little if any dependence on “Truth”, as a basic tenet or starting point, for their ejaculated imaginings, which lean instead on horror and contempt, should not only disgust all well intentioned  and hard working communicators of this world; but also the general public for whom they so clearly have only disdain and a sense of entitled opportunism.

When was it that these clusterfucks were allowed to take over the primary narrative? Turn them off, call them out, check real facts for yourself, find credible sources and do not fucking believe those who benefit from your fears.

Please excuse my French.

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