Brad Pitt arrives on Gran Canaria

Image via twitter @ViveLasPalmasGC

Image via twitter @ViveLasPalmasGC

Actor Brad Pitt and the crew of his latest film ‘Allied’ arrived Thursday on Gran Canaria, aboard a charter flight from the UK .

The blockbuster set in the 1940s stars Pitt and Marion Cotillard, who is due to arrive tomorrow from Cannes, and will be shooting on the island over at least the next few days.

More than 400 local extras have reportedly been hired to take part in the shoot, which has its logistics base at Infecar in Siete Palmas near the RTVE national television and radio broadcast studios.

The production has been mainly working in London over the last few weeks and are now flying to various locations to complete the project.  It is said to be the very largest production ever to be shot here and of course with the presence of such big names is causing quite the stir.

Pitt was driven from the airport to the five star Santa Catalina hotel in Las Palmas, with a Guardia Civil escort.  Security is understandably tight.

According to Vive Las Palmas, Pitts wife Angelina Jolie is also expected to arrive tomorrow to join her husband, though there has been no official confirmation of this to our knowledge.


The hollywood production, directed by Robert Zenekis, who arrived yesterday, has, according to Spanish language daily La Provincia, turned Las Palmas ‘upside down’, with scenes due to be shot at the Alameda de Colón and the surroundings of the Plaza de Cairasco,  followed by further planned shoots at the Plaza de Manuel Becerra – at the old ice factory, several roads in the areas have been closed to traffic from early this morning.  Most of the filming is expected to happen at night, with various outdoor scenes including explosions expected, in a setting meant to emulate a 1940s north African town during wartime.



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