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Author: The Canary

Invest in your health

SPONSORED POST: Some people are mainly focused on the price when they look for a health insurance and they decide to contract the cheapest one, but… Watch Out! Inexpensive health insurances are available on the market at the time of contracting the policy, but as the person gets older the price of the policies drastically increases considering the change to a higher age bracket. ASSSA does not increase the price due to age, which means that the premium will remain the same age bracket that you contracted at the beginning. In the end you will pay a lower amount...

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Argh, Mateys! Welcome to ABC Playschool Summer Camp

Welcome to ABC Playschool Summer Camp Why does it take a pirate so long to learn the alphabet? Because they’re always getting stuck at “C” Ha harrr! Not this summer though. At ABC playschool, our little pirates are set to land on our Tropical Tikki Island filled with treasure, healthy treats and swashbuckling games. Arts, crafts and more await our little pirates as they are welcomed ashore by our trusting yet clever Tikki girls. Tikki is a small beautiful island, whose leaders are a little bit eccentric. So beware ye pirates as you hunt for hidden treasure in this...

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