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Author: The Canary

More Saharan dust and heat expected Friday and Saturday on Gran Canaria

This has been the warmest October on record for 30 years, and it looks like the end of October heat wave is not yet ready to leave the Canaries, with the next few days expected to remain hot and dusty. The prediction from the Spanish State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) indicates that the Saharan dust suspended in the air over the last few days will continue through to at least Friday, October 27, with the afternoon expected to be particularly intense. The general forecast for the last Friday of October indicates that the skies will be cloudy and the heat will predominate...

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Four men arrested, suspected of gang-raping a drunken tourist last year

The Judicial Police Team (EPJ) and the Guardia Civil of Puerto Rico-Mogán, have this week detained four men with the initials ME, AA, IY and BA, aged between 26 and 32, as the suspected perpetrators of a heinous sexual assault and abuse carried out in the early hours of December 26, 2016 at a southern shopping and leisure centre on Gran Canaria . The investigation began as a result of the victim’s report of a crime, filed the same day, stating that an individual had raped her, after driving her to the back of a public place. After that first attack, a second man stood behind her and holding her tightly also tried to rape her, but the victim managed to keep up an intense struggle until she was able to flee. The investigators initiated an investigation based on the victim´s own statement; leading them to obtain security recordings that could verify her version of events. However, they discovered that the reality was quite different from that reported by the victim. The study and analysis of security recordings revealed that the victim had borne a far greater burden than she had believed, as that night five men had sexually assaulted her. The investigators have discovered evidence that the first aggressor isolated the victim, who was in a serious state of diminished physical abilities due to excessive consumption of alcohol and that despite expressing their negative and firm opposition to having sexual relations, he forced...

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Gran Canaria Weather: High temperatures return with more desert dust

Summer just does not want to leave the island of Gran Canaria. After a few days of temperatures having returned to seasonal norms, with some weak and occasional autumn rains, mainly on the north of the island, the hot weather and Saharan calima dusts are set to return to the islands this week. From Tuesday a mid-Atlantic storm expected over the Azores, looks likely to pull a mixture of humidity from the Mediterranean and then Saharan dust from our nearest desert neighbours that looks set to push thermometers up towards an unseasonal 29˚C in the shade, according to the Spanish State...

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Siam Park Gran Canaria work to channel the El Veril ravine begins this week

The works for channeling southern Gran Canaria’s El Veril ravine, the large area of waste ground between the GC500 old national road at Playa del Inglés and the main GC1 motorway, in preparation for the long awaited Siam Park water park project, is to begin “immediately” said chief executive Kristhoff Kiessling last week, confirming initiation of work on the hotly contested and widely anticipated new tourist attraction.  This initial part of the preparatory construction work will last four months. The construction company Satocan were awarded the project with a budget of just over two million euros, to execute the work, according to sources close...

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Disrupted: People trafficking network that brought hundreds of sub-Saharans to the Canary Islands

An investigation by the National Police initiated in 2014 has led to the dismantling of an active criminal organization dedicated to encouraging irregular immigration of sub-Saharan citizens from El Aaiún (Disputed Territory of Western Sahara) to the Canary Islands, by means of pateras (wooden open boats). Two of the ringleaders have been arrested in Moroccan territory by the Gendarmerie of the Kingdom of Morocco under an International Order of Detention issued by Telde’s Court of Instruction number three in Las Palmas. More than 1,500 interviews with immigrants who arrived in boats and hundreds of hours of investigation have also led...

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