No Panic: Atlantic wet weather heading north

Cloudiness and thunderstorms out in the mid Atlantic, we reported on, over the last day have become a more concentrated and organized near the center of a non-tropical low pressure system, about 850 miles south-southwest of the Azores, report the US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration.

If this organising continues official advisories will be initiated. The low is producing winds to near 50 mph over the southern and eastern portions of its circulation. Although environmental conditions are only marginally conducive for development, this system could become a subtropical or tropical storm within the next day or so.

two_atl_2d0 (2)The system is now expected to move northeastward or north over the Atlantic in the next couple of days. Interests in the Azores are advised to monitor the progress of this system.

Regardless of subtropical or tropical cyclone formation, this system is expected to produce hazardous marine conditions over portions of the eastern Atlantic, and strong gusty winds could begin to affect portions of the Azores islands by late Thursday or early Friday.

The likelihood of this system becoming cyclonic has now moved up to 70%, although chances of it coming anywhere near The Canary Islands are very slim. In fact in the last 150 years, only about five such systems have made landfall in the archipelago.  It does look like the Azores might be in for a spot of rain and wind however.

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