“Anomalous spots” of micro algae in much of Mogán’s coastal waters

The town hall of Mogan have today, Tuesday 18 July, announced that “anomalous spots” of discoloration have been found along much of the coast of the southern municipality. These spots are a massive outcrop of microalgae in the water, with which contact is not recommended.

Bathing on the beaches has not been prohibited as of yet. However, the Municipality of Mogán recommends precautions when bathing to avoid coming into contact with microalgae, patches of which are scattered aling most of the coast of Mogan.

The moganero council is waiting to receive a report from the General Directorate of Public Health of the Government of the Canaries, after which they will issue a new statement.

It appears that contrary to reports that this has any connection to pollution in the local waters, these microalgae blooms are quite widespread this year, with local divers telling us that they believe them to be naturally occurring whenever water temperatures are higher than usual.  We will continue to monitor based on local reports.

We have it on very good information that spots of this kind have been visible along the Mogán coast for quite some time.

The idea that this is something new is incorrect, what is almost certainly true is that many people have warned of these sorts of problems, often, connected to inappropriate sewage outlets and untreated fecal matter, yet these warnings have been blatantly ignored for many years.

We welcome the arrival of the report into what might potentially be causing pollution in our otherwise crystal clear waters off the south coast.

We recommend everyone avoid such discolorations in the water and in fact, avoid swimming anywhere near them. Take photos if you can, and send them to us