Aaaarrghh Mateys! ABC Playschool Pirate’s Island Summer Camp!

Welcome to ABC Playschool Summer Camp

Why does it take a pirate so long to learn the alphabet?


Because they’re always getting stuck at “C” Ha harrr!


Not this summer though.

ABC playschool’s little pirates are set to land on a Tropical Tikki Island filled with treasure, healthy treats and swashbuckling games. Arts,crafts and more await their little pirates as they are welcomed ashore by ABC’s trusting yet clever Tikki girls. Tikki is a small beautiful island, whose leaders are a little bit eccentric.

So beware ye pirates as you hunt for hidden treasure in this tropical delight. Each coin ye fnds holds a challenge that requires the help of your crew. Overcome these challenges and the coins are yours … Failure to complete a challenge will result in your team walking the plank or receiving the famous Tikki Island cannonball toss!!!!

And YES! Ye will need to pack yer swim wear, towel and suncream! There’s more excitement in store as throughout August ABC introduce Wild Wet Fridays.  Each and every friday is “Hose ‘em down day”  Hose pipes, paddling pools and slip and slide are on the menu for this wild and wet Friday adventure.

Join the gaming area with pinagua, water balloon volley, frozen foot ice transfer and many more wild water packed activities.

 ABC Specialities for mini toddlers include toy washing, bubble blowing,  pouring, sprinkling, sliding and water painting.

Join ABC for the ultimate Summer Camp experience or find out more about how to enroll your little pirates into preschool, ABC Playschool is the place to be all year round.

For children up to 6yrs ABC offer a creative and hands on learning experience. Their mission is to provide a fun and safe environment where children are actively involved and engaged with each step of their learning journey.

The ABC curriculum offers organic gardening, science and nature studies, pre reading and mathematical skills, movement, yoga, music and theatre.

The children who join our adventures experience real life heroes like Firefighters, Police, Doctors, Dentists, Artists, Musicians and they even have Farmers visit them for their regular life skills interactive days.

Explore and discover together at ABC

Choosing the right child care for you and your child is a huge decision. The aim at ABC is to simply provide you and your child with the highest quality of child care.

You can trust that your child will benefit from a structured learning environment, and are given the opportunity to socialize from a young age with their peers. But most importantly, you as parents can relax, knowing that your child will get the, love, care and attention you want for them whilst they are left in our care.

ABC Playschool prepare your child for Primary with the curriculum in English and Spanish, but at the same time we assure you and your child an opportunity to be a child and enjoy this first time of childhood to the fullest!