A fatal tragedy between brothers in Arguineguín

Image: EmergCan

Tragedy struck in Arguineguín at around 21:30 on Monday night when a man, of about 50 years old, allegedly ended his own brother’s life with a replica Japanese sword, similar to a katana, after a heated argument.  The victim was well known among the local community.

The Guardia Civil on Tuesday carried out an initial visual inspection of the crime scene, at Calle Angel Guimerá in the southern fishing-cum-tourist town, where a reconstruction was carried out to try and work through the sequence of events that had occurred there.

Investigators are awaiting autopsy results to confirm early indications that the aggressor may have caused the victim several wounds to the area of his armpit and upper left area of ​​the back. One of the cuts severed his axillary artery and as a consequence he died from the bleeding. The weapon, which was about half a meter long in the style of a traditional katana, was seized by agents on Monday night at the house where the alleged perpetrator resided.

Municipal services workers proceeded on Tuesday morning to clean up the remaining blood from the street near the entrance to the house of the alleged perpetrator. Several residents described to reporters yesterday having witnessed a conflicted family situation that had been raging for decades, in which arguments took place constantly about almost any subject. “This is a chronicle of a death foretold,” said one of the neighbours referring to the apparently continuous altercations and threats between the two siblings, which until Monday had never grown to such extreme violence.

“They had many fights and arguments, they have hated each other for as long as they were men,” said the same neighbour, who also remembered seeing the victim in the last few days being “very sad, quiet and observant”, especially since the death of their mother, which occurred last week. “I was a bit ‘concerned,” he admitted. The family originally came to Arguineguín decades ago to dedicate themselves to the tomato harvest. Their father worked for the locally well known LH Pilcher’s tomato export company for years.

The death of their mother is thought to have been the catalyst for unleashing years of built up tensions between the two brothers.  “It was strange, he came out and sat opposite [the house],” one of the witnesses said. “One was heard saying ‘I´ll stab you’ and the other one said ‘get down here,'”. The alleged aggressor then “surprised” his brother with the katana sword with which he allegedly caused the fatal wounds.

Guardia Civil scheduled the suspect to be brought before a magistrate on Wednesday, although the law allows agents to have another day to make inquiries before the detainee has to appear. The custody court in Maspalomas will be responsible for continuing the judicial investigation of the case.

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