75% resident travel discount between islands is activated this midnight

The official state bulletin has today published, Wednesday 28 June, the Budget Law for 2017, which was advanced yesterday by the vice president of the Canary Islands, Pablo Rodriguez, stating that from this midnight residents will be able to buy airline tickets and boat trips between islands with the discount of 75%.

The legal text includes in its Additional Provisions some modifications of the 2013 budgets that affect the subsidies on maritime and air transport for residents in the Canary Islands, the Balearics, Ceuta and Melilla.

With these changes, it is established with “indefinite” validity that the percentage of bonus applicable to air and sea transport tickets on direct routes, either one-way or round trip, between the autonomous communities of the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands and the cities of Ceuta and Melilla, respectively, and the rest of the national territory will be 50%.

In addition, it is provided that for the inter-island sea route tickets, the subsidy covered by the State, increases from 25% to 50% here in The Canary Islands,the autonomous community pays an additional discount of 25%, which raises the aid to residents from 50% to 75%.

For these discount purposes, it is considered that a direct one-way route that is made from an airport or heliport at a point of origin in the archipelago, Ceuta or Melilla, to the final destination, different from the previous one, within Spanish national territory and vice versa, without intermediate stops or with stopovers, provided that these do not exceed 12 hours, except those that are imposed by the technical needs of the service or for reasons of force majeure.

TIP ! Check the local airline company Canaryfly which will be able to offer tickets as cheap as €5 one way tickets for residents (taxes not included) 

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