71 drownings in the Canary Islands

img_7160The Canary Islands registered the most drownings in Spain last year, totalling 71. The average profile of the victims, as in previous years, is a man (80% of the cases), of Spanish nationality (70%), over 45 years old (61.2%), on a beach (51.7%) with no lifeguard (86%) drowning between 10.00 and 18.00 hours (56.5%), according to the National Drowning Report prepared by the Royal Spanish Rescue and First aid Federation.

The report highlights an 11% increase in deaths in non-monitored areas: in total 376 people died in places without lifeguards or outside their working hours in 2016 compared to 321 the previous year.

The year 2016 ended in Spain with 437 deaths due to drowning at beaches, rivers or pools, 5.03% more than the previous year, when 415 people died because of this.

Use your common sense.  Be aware. Heed advice from safety professionals.