47 year old British woman dies after beating in Puerto Rico apartment

The Policia Local and the Guardia Civil in the southern municipality of Mogán yesterday afternoon detained an 80 year-old British resident of Puerto Rico, with the initials JB, for allegedly killing a woman, also of British origin, identified as Donna C. aged 47.

The victim died at the Insular Hospital hours after the attack when she suffered a cardiac arrest while the doctors performed tests to determine the extent of her injuries.

The events took place at around midnight on Thursday and during the early hours of Friday morning. Officers of the municipal security corps went to the Bahía Azul apartments, located Avenida de la Cornisa, near the top of the west hill in Puerto Rico, where the incident is thought to have taken place. Upon arriving at the scene, policemen found the suspect sitting on a couch watching television while his partner was bleeding in the bathtub due to blows received, although she was at all times conscious.

The victim was initially transferred to Arguineguín health centre, where she was referred to the Insular University Hospital of Gran Canaria, there, despite her condition not appearing to be serious, she was admitted for examination and observation, according to sources close to the investigation. At the hospital, several hours after her arrival, the doctors began to carry out various tests on Donna C. to verify the extent of her injuries when she entered a cardio-respiratory arrest, from which she could not be recovered.

The outcome of this alleged case of gender violence was brought to the attention of the competent authorities, who proceeded to arrest JB as the alleged perpetrator of the attack and another count of resisting arrest. The Guardia Civil made their report pending the official outcome of the autopsy, the exact cause of death has yet to be officially determined and whether or not it was directly related to the aggression she allegedly suffered.

Sources have specified that there were no previous reports, or convictions, or any history of gender violence in Spain relating to this couple and have also specified that the detainee has today been put at the disposal of Judicial Services (Magistrates) at the duty court in the southern neighbouring municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana.

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