Days of Brad on Gran Canaria

Brad and marion normal_099The Cabildo de Gran Canaria and the city of Las Palmas have not been hiding their glee that Gran Canaria has been chosen for shooting part of the film ‘Allied’, having joined efforts and resources to provide every facility to the production, under the coordination of the Gran Canaria Film Commission.

Shooting for the film on Gran Canaria will bring significant benefits adding to efforts promoting the island paradise as a versatile film set for large productions, as well as significant investment that will affect diverse sectors, from catering to transport and hospitality among others. So much so, that this is thought to be one of the most important film investments made so far on the island.

The film shoot will be in three locations in Las Palmas;  la Plaza Cairasco, Belén María and calle Canalejas.

The base of operations for the shoot will be at the government’s innovation centre Infecar, where services like costume, props, makeup, equipment, materials and everything related to production will be located, while the administrative part will be located in the Edificio Quegles.

The Gran Canaria Film Commission has worked for months on bringing the blockbuster to Gran Canaria, facilitating access to locations and dialogue with the authorities, not only with the capital’s City Hall, which has been involved from the beginning, but also with the Government, Guardia Civil and the port Authority on issues such as the search for harbour space, permits for detonations, colour changes to façades, removing road signs, traffic lights and any other sign of modernity, among many other actions to ensure the production has everything it needs.


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