2.4 tons of cocaine from fishing vessel

A Venezuelan fishing vessel was found with 2,400Kg of cocaine on board and captured by Spanish security forces who intercepted the vessel in waters around Martinique, the French island located in the Caribbean,  the Spanish Government’s delegate in the Canary Islands, Mercedes Roldós, reported on Monday.

The National Police Corps and the Customs Agency on Monday conducted the fishing boat and its seven crew members, all Venezuelans, to the naval base of the Spanish Armada in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where they have unloaded bales of cocaine into their warehouses, in an operation supervised by the Central Court of Instruction number 5 of the Spanish National Court.

The investigation making the seizure possible started in January, with the collaboration of the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and assisted by UK Police and Portugal, according to officials.

The fishing boat with 2,400 kilos of cocaine was located back in March, although was not approached by agents until May 4th, when the Spanish vessel The “Petrel” intercepted the boat and detained the crew.

The commissar general of the Judicial Police, Eloy Quirós Álvarez, present on the arrival of the fishing vessel at the naval base of Las Palmas,  indicated that the reinforcement of controls exerted in the European ports seems to have made a change organised Narco-trafficking, which has now seen a return to mother ships, vessels that bring large loads which are then divided into smaller payloads dumped at pre-organised points out at sea, to be collected by smaller local boats.

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