10 tons of waste from Arguineguín port

Around 60 volunteers on Sunday, January 22, collected more than 10 metric ton of waste items from the Arguineguín port seabed; 75% of which almost were vehicle tires. The initiative, organised by the Municipality of Mogán, in collaboration with Puertos Canarios, was aimed at improving the image of the Port, which serves as a home port and a work place for many sailors and fishermen in the municipality.

Car batteries, tubes, chains, cans and huge quantities of plastic bags, bottles and glasses were among the rubbish that the divers, some using air tanks and others free diving, collected on to the boats that were provided by the Fishermen’s Guild of Arguineguín. 

As well as the Fishermen’s Guild, participants included the Aproa Association, the diving clubs of Gabiot, Zeus, The Dive Academy and the collectives Project ‘Aware’ and the Association of responsible submarine fishers, in addition to the Red Cross and Protección Civil volunteers.

Ricardo Ortega, Senior Patron of the Fishermen’s Guild of Arguineguín, said that the cleaning was especially necessary since the seabed of Arguineguín “has not been cleaned for more than 15 years and it seemed like a spring mattress due to the amount of tires found”.

Mario Perdomo, president of the Aproa Association (Arguineguín Leisure Boat dock) expressed his confidence that this action “will be repeated many times and is the beginning of the improvement and demands of those who work in the port

Detritus that invades the seabed also affects divers activities daily, commented Facundo, one of the coordinators of Dive Academy, who expressed regret that the rubbish collected “belonged mainly to normal beach users.” {referring to members of public, as opposed to professionals who use the port}

The 10,000 kilos of waste that has been removed from the seabed at the Arguineguín dock will now be transferred to a company that will manage its treatment and transfer to the landfill.

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