Injured animal rights campaigner spends night on a mountain trail near Tejeda


Park Consortium Firefighters in San Mateo rescued a well known Gran Canaria animal rights campaigner and president of the TARA Animal Respect Association, Muriel Alberta Mae, yesterday morning after she had spent a whole night outdoors on the Juncal de Tejeda path in the mountainous interior of the island along with her husband, Brian, and their pet dogs after a nasty fall left her with a broken ankle.

Hundreds of divers mobilise to clean up oil spill coming ashore on Gran Canaria coast

oil off the Agüimes coast

An oil spill was spotted yesterday afternoon within a kilometer of the coastline near the beach playa de El Cabrón, in the town of Agüimes, an area well known for being considered a sanctuary for divers. Both the Guardia Civil and Marine Rescue have taken samples from the slick in the sea so as to determine its origin, in principle it is possible that it came either from a boat or from a source on land. One hundred volunteers arrived at the affected area after hearing the news that about 400 meters of shoreline would need to be cleaned of the accumulated oily tar, work continued today and is expected to carry on into the night. This is the second such incident to occur on the Gran Canaria coast in just three months.

Defending the Tomato


Canary Islands News

The Government of the Canary Islands and the Platform for the Defence of Tomatoes have reached an agreement whereby the autonomous region will provide five million Euro in funding for the coming harvest.

After meeting with producers in the capital of Gran Canaria, the president of the Canarian Government, Paulino Rivero, pointed out that the tomato sector is of “great economic and social importance for the archipelago, without question,” and that the regional government “will do everything within its power to support it,” despite its difficulties to fit such aid in the budget.

The Canary Islands government has asked Brussels for an extension of the Posei programme, which was meant to end in 2014, to 2020, due to the economic crisis.

Billy Connolly prefers to yodel naked in the mountains of Gran Canaria


Madcap comedian prefers not to comment on matters outside of his work, nor get caught up in political debates.  “What do you want of me?” he began at the official press presentation for the film Wild Oats, currently being made on the sub-tropical island paradise of Gran Canaria.  “I’m delighted to be here, at my age I’m delighted to be anywhere”

“The reason I accepted this role is because I have a bed scene with Shirley MacLaine, and we get to kiss. I’m a very happy old man”

In reference to imminent oil exploration coming to The Canary Islands he was asked, during yesterday’s Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort press presentation for the film currently being shot on the island, if he had first become “windswept and interesting” when, in the late 60s, he went to work on a Nigerian Oil Rig or if it had been at sometime before; veteran Glaswegian raconteur Billy Connolly CBE replied:

Gorillas and Risk Assessments

FAKE Gorilla!

A recent and very sad story about an uninformed vet working at a zoo in Tenerife set me thinking about risk assessments and contingency planning this week. Apparently, the poor vet accidentally shot a colleague, who was dressed as a gorilla, with a tranquilliser gun during an emergency training exercise. It was all part of contingency planning as to how staff should respond in an emergency situation involving these heavyweight animals. Protection of visitors, staff and the animals is, of course, very important for such establishments. Indeed, the very fact that the zoo had a training exercise in place at all impressed me.

Yellow alert for strong winds from Monday

Close Worldview Earthdata Canary Islands 2014 July 5 As

Well our July crazy spell over the last couple of days on the Canary Islands is set to continue for at least a day or two yet, with notices for adverse weather conditions continuing on the the islands. AEMET, the Spanish state Met office, last night activated a yellow warning for strong winds on Gran Canaria, Tenerife, La Gomera and El Hierro. If nothing changes, the warning will come into force from 9 am on Monday on Gran Canaria, and will be extended to the other three islands from 15.00. The alert will be in effect until midnight, although it is possible that it could be extended on Tuesday. Currently gusts are expected to potentially exceed 70 kmph.

Getting Away Without Going Away

Quinny pool_at_the_Paradise_Costa_Taurito

Myself and Mrs Q needed to vacate our Gran Canaria apartment for a week so the landlord could carry out some renovations, “What will we do? Where will we go?”  we were asking ourselves.

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